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The reshaping of customer service, caused by digital innovation, is having a diversity of effects on insurers’ operations. One of the most important is its expanded roles in marketing, product development and sales.

This is the last of the four trends in customer service which I’ve been discussing in this series of blog posts.

As digital channels and allied technologies take care of routine enquiries, requests and complaints, insurance service agents will be freed up to focus on more complex cases. Customer service will evolve to a cost of running an existing business to a way of developing new business models.

In marketing, digital tools are enabling insurers not only to keep on top of conversations about their brand on social media, but also to react in highly personalized ways.

Product development can benefit to a strong flow of customer service data about reactions to existing products. When combined with individualized usage data to the Internet of Things, carriers will be able to pinpoint the most promising areas for innovation.

Sales can become a lot more targeted when analysis of customer service data reveals which customer segments – and even individuals – would be most receptive to specific product features or new services.

This is the last of the four trends that are transforming customer service in insurance. You might also be interested in our more detailed report on the subject. And in my final post on the subject, I’ll suggest five things insurers should consider doing to shape their customer service for a digital future.

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