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Future of Insurance

Future of Insurance Authors

Abizer Rangwala

Managing Director, Accenture Insurance IT Strategy

Daniele Presutti

Senior Managing Director – Insurance Lead for Europe, Africa and Latin America

Michael Lyman

Senior Managing Director, Accenture Insurance

Carrie Lonze

Managing Director, Financial Services

Richard Pryor

Managing Director, Accenture Life, Pensions & Investments Practice

Werner Rapberger

Principal Director - Customer Insight & Growth Practice for Insurance

Michael Reilly

Managing Director, Insurance

Accenture Insurance

Financial Services

Andrew Gorman

Senior Manager, Accenture Insurance

Bob Sollmann

Principal Director; Senior Advisor, Insurance Practice, Accenture

Ivo Weterings

Principal Director, Accenture Strategy

Jim Bramblet

Managing Director, North America P&C Insurance and Digital Leader

Richard Miller

Managing Director, Accenture Insurance